Best VGA to HDMI Adapters to Buy

When you want to connect an older device (such as Laptop, Desktop, Notebook, Computer) with a VGA output to a newer display (monitor, HD TV, projector) with a HDMI input, then you need to buy a VGA to HDMI adapter.

Most modern displays come with a HDMI input only and older devices allow to connect with a VGA output. In this situation it will be funny if you think about throwing the older friend. You might consider buying an adapter cable which will convert the VGA signals to HDMI at a very low price.

When you have a HDMI cable in your home then you need to go for the VGA Male to HDMI Female adapter. Because it needs a HDMI cable separately to connect the display (This cable usually comes with the HDMI display).

Here we have tested and reviewed some of the best VGA to HDMI adapters in the market.




Onten male to Female

Onten Male to Female

Best All-rounder

FOINNEX dongle

Foinnex Portable Dongle

Most Portable

Cable with USB audio

CableMatters Adapter

Premium & Gaming

GANA box

GANA Adapter Box

Best Audio


QGeeM Dongle Adapter

Value for Money

1. Onten VGA Male to HDMI Female 1080p Adapter

Onten male to Female

This converter is very good in picture quality and durability compared to others in this list. This VGA male to HDMI female converter perfectly supports VGA input resolution from 800x600 to 1920x1080 for PC and supports HDMI Output resolution up to 1080p for HDTV/Projector/Monitor.

This is very portable and you can carry it on your laptop bag easily. Even it can easily fit in your pockets. This will be perfect for home, school and corporate use.

Like other adapters in the list it needs an external USB power source (cable included in the box). In the box you get the 3.5 mm audio cable for audio output cable.


  • Durable with great picture quality.

  • Power cable and audio cable included in the box.

  • The brand claims friendly and easy-to-reach customer service 24X7.

  • Easy to use with Plug and Play support.


  • Heating issue after long use, but not so much.

2. Foinnex Portable VGA Male to HDMI Female Dongle Adapter

FOINNEX dongle

Foinnex ultra portable dongle adapter is a tiny sized adapter that can connect your old PC with a VGA output to the modern displays with a HDMI input.

Output supports video resolution up to 1920x1080 at 60 Hz. This features a 50 mm long 3.5 mm audio cable for audio output which comes inside of the box.

This is the best portable option for IT professionals for show presentation work in a corporate environment.


  • Ultra portable in size.

  • Best option for IT professionals in corporate sectors.


  • Not built for gaming.

  • For a very big display picture quality is not so clear.

3. Cable Matters High speed VGA Male to HDMI Female Adapter

Cable with USB audio

This smart high speed adapter is brilliant to send signals from your old PC to a newer display. This can output audio with a USB cable included with it. Power is also taken from the same USB, that is so impressive. It does not gather cables on your setup.

The "Cable Matters" converter supports up to 1080p FullHD video with a good picture quality. Speed is also good. We have tested with some mid to high range games that work finely on high settings. If you are a gamer then you can consider this one.

You need to connect the USB cable on the PC's USB port for power and audio output and select the USB audio on the Playback tab of the Sound menu in Windows.


  • Power source and audio output in one single USB.

  • Durable and designed for gamers.

  • Very sharp picture quality with high speed transmission.


  • Price is relatively higher then other adapters in the list.

4. GANA VGA Male to HDMI Female Adapter Box

GANA box

GANA  adapter box is the perfect solution for watching movies in a big display. It can connect an old PC with a VGA output to a new display with a HDMI input. This is perfect for watching movies in a big TV or a projector. 

It can output up to 1080p Full HD videos with a very good picture quality. The best thing is the color combination. It supports 12 bit per channel (36 bit all channel) deep color. 

The audio quality is also very good with uncompressed 2 channel audio such as LPCM, and 225MHz/2.25Gbps per channel (6.75 Gbps all channel) bandwidth.


  • Picture quality is good.

  • Audio quality is the best.

  • Wide compatibility.


  • Less portable compared to other adapters.

5. QGeeM VGA Male to HDMI Female Dongle Adapter


This is a dongle VGA Male to HDMI Female adapter means it is ultra-portable. It’s design is also very smart. easily hook up an older stylish computer or laptop with VGA output to TV, monitor or projector with HDMI input for video sharing.

It supports 1080p HD videos at 60Hz refresh rate. Also supports audio output with a 3.5mm audio cable. It needs an external USB power source.


  • Cheap in price.

  • Smart looks.

  • Ultra portable.

  • Good customer care support.


  • Need to compromise with resolution if the picture becomes blurry.

  • Audio needs improvements.

  • Provided USB power cable doesn’t work in our case but they change it immediately.

Things to know before buy VGA to HDMI adapters

  • These adapters always need an external power source. All in our list provides the power cable inside the box.

  • External audio cable is also needed and included with the box.

  • These products are not bi-directional, meaning they only can convert VGA to HDMI, can’t convert HDMI to VGA.